Family Pictures & 9 Month Stats


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Last weekend we had our first family pictures taken. I am usually being all mom-arazzi with Kaylynn, but realized we really didn’t have any of our little family. Solution: Barb at Signature Photography. She was amazing! We chose a time from her “Sisters Pictures” sessions and received only the original images (which I did some editing to) and they are wonderful!! I posted a few below, but you can see all of them (there are quite a few!) here.

Kaylynn is now 9 months. It is hard to believe that she has now been with us as long as she was in my belly. Some how these last 9 months seemed to go faster then the time I was pregnant with her. Now she is quite the busy-body and I am sure she will keep Jeremy and I on our toes as she gets bigger! It seems like every day there is something new with her. The latest thing is that she has learned how to “dance.” You can catch a little of one of her performances here.

Her 9 Month Stats:
Height: 28 inches (60th percentile)
Weight: 16 pounds 15 ounces (20th percentile)
Head: 43.1 centimeters (30th percentile)

She is a petite little one, but the doctor is not concerned as she is growing and progressing from check-up to check-up. She is just the wiggle-worm so she is burning everything off so quickly! She also had her hemoglobin levels check and is doing very well. Her doctor asked if I was feeding her steaks every day because her levels were looking so good. It great to know that she is growing well and is a happy and healthy baby!

8 Months


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Kaylynn is now 8 months old, so I thought I would take the opportunity to try and take some pictures of her (as I am still trying to figure out my camera!). I have all of them posted here, but I put just a few teasers below.

Water Baby


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Despite the not-so-summerlike weather we have had this summer, Kaylynn has loved swimming and playing in the water. She loves to splash and move all around – we are so happy she is not scared of the water!

Kaylynn playing with her sand/water table (clothed and dry)…
Getting wet (and Mommy tried to mohawk the hair!)…
So much playing to get done – Mommy had to dodge the splashes on this picture!
And all of this fun ultimately led to a loss of clothes…
Playing in the water at Millennium Park…
Swimming at Uncle Mark & Aunt Cindy’s pool…

Yeah for warm summer days!

Summer Days


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I think Jeremy has found a true baseball buddy with his little girl. We went to a Whitecaps game with some friends and little KG was loving it! It was Star Wars night, so I think Jeremy was truly in heaven having his little girl at a baseball game and being surrounded by all sorts of Star Wars costumes, light sabers, and Star Wars music and sound effects.

Kaylynn also has become quite proficient in feeding herself. She is a very good eater and likes all sorts of different things. Now that she can feed herself finger food, we are working on only eating one thing at a time! Interested in seeing her stuff her face? I have a video for you here.

I also have pictures up from July here. I can’t believe the summer has flown by!

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