We Are Getting So Big!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 19-04-2009

I know I have already said it a couple of times, but it is amazing to see how fast Kaylynn is growing. I am just amazed that babies can learn the things they do without anyone showing them how to do them. Speaking of which, Kaylynn is now rolling over both ways. Over Spring break she rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time. Now she can’t stop rolling!


Several weeks ago I was sick and was unable to feed Kaylynn for a couple of days and therefore Jeremy had to give her a bottle. I think this disrupted her normal schedule and ever since, stopped sleeping through the night. At her 4 month checkup (13 lbs 3.5 oz, 24.5 in), the doctor said that we could go ahead and start letting her cry it out at night. It was a rough couple of days, but we think we have her back to sleeping through the night. One of the roughest nights was probably the night before Easter, so this is how she spent a lot of her time on Easter Sunday.

We started a little bit of rice cereal with Kaylynn yesterday. I think she is still in the “feeling it out” stage, but did really well. She didn’t end up wearing too much of it!

Today we got Kaylynn a highchair and an off-brand “Bumbo.” It is kind of like a booster seat, but can be set on the floor or other surface or used as a booster seat. The one we got even has a removable try so it is also kind of like an exer-saucer. As Kaylynn is quite inquisitive and a little apprehensive about new things (especially toys), she had to take the time to really inspect everything and try it out.

I know I don’t post all that often, so when I do, I usually have a lot to share!

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