Welcome Kaylynn Grace!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 30-11-2008

Well, our baby finally decided to make an entrance (a day before her due date)! About 7:30 Wednesday morning my water broke so we made our way to the hospital. I was progressing slowly through labor and was dialated to 4cm for about 5 hours before they decided to do a C-section (at this point it was shortly after 10:00pm). I was brought down to the operating room where they had quite a time getting me completely numb (I already had an epidural from earlier, but they had to increase the dosage and give me some other goods). Finally I was ready and about 5 minutes later our little precious daughter was now part of our family! I had a rough time coming out of the anestetic, but it was all worth it to have her with us. We are finally at home and are trying to figure her out and figuring out how to be parents. We are tired, excited, and completely elated to have her with us!

Fortune Cookies Lie


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 22-11-2008

We had our 39-week doctor’s appointment this week. Everything is still looking good (measurement and baby’s heart rate -140’s), but I guess the baby is just not ready yet (bummer). Jeremy had originally predicted that we would have the baby on the 19th because his fortune cookie said that “A pleasant surprise is on its way” and some of his lucky numbers were 11 and 19. Well, that came and went unfortunately. Well, hopefully this week!

Passing Time


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 16-11-2008

Well, we continue to wait. I make it sound like we are overdue, but we are still a week and a half ahead of our due date. Jeremy and I are both so anxious at this point that it almost seems like we are late! The baby’s room is ready, I have my bag packed, the car seat is ready to go, so now we just wait (I even helped Jeremy rake leaves yesterday in efforts of trying to get things moving, but no such luck!). Something that I have been working on is making burp cloths. As most of my friends tease me and call me grandma for all my my crafting projects and hobbies, I figured I might as well put my minimal sewing talents to good use. Jeremy even went to the fabric store and helped me pick out fabric (his favorite was the yellow with elephants and mine of course is the pirates – I don’t care if we have a girl; she can love pirates just like her mom!).

Medical update: We did go to the doctor this week and everything is still looking good. I am measuring right where I should be and the baby’s heart rate was in the mid 130’s. The doctor did say that she wouldn’t be surprised if it was a December baby (she wouldn’t let me go any later than December 6). I just wanted to yell “No!!!!” She did say that was just her gut feeling but that we could surprise her and have it any day. This baby will definitely be born in November is what I say!

Almost There!


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 06-11-2008

Well, I finally feel as though we are on the home stretch. Only 21 days left until our due date. Part of me feels as though it is a ways off (because I am so anxious) but then part of me can’t believe it is almost here. All the waiting, anticipation, and preparing has almost come to an end. Only to bring lots of new beginnings.

We have now been going to the doctor every week for the past three weeks. I have been measuring good still and the heart rate has been in the 140’s, 150’s, and 135 for those weeks. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part other than the almost constant feeling of being uncomfortable with a side of really bad heartburn. This baby must have inherited mine and Jeremy’s thick hair!

Not much has been going on here otherwise. Jeremy and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on October 28. We had a light dinner and then indulged in dessert at the Melting Pot. (The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant if you are not familiar with the place – yummy!) I then spent a few days in Chicago last week for a professional development conference with Apple Computers. They sure know how to wine and dine their potential customers! The day after I got back Jeremy and I went to Bronner’s (part of my anniversary gift from Jeremy) and spent the day in Frankenmuth. Now Jeremy is starting to finish his travel season for work so now we just go about our daily routines and wait…

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