24 Weeks & a New Room


Posted by Sarah | Posted in family | Posted on 12-08-2008

Whew! This past week sure has been a busy week for us! Most of our time was spent working on the baby’s room. We had wanted to get most of it done while Jeremy was on vacation and before I went back to school. This way we could take our time with it and then we weren’t rushed to finish while Jeremy is in his travel season for work and I am busy with school stuff (and I am sure that once I go back to school my energy level will decrease while the time spent napping after school will increase!). I attached some pictures below of the baby’s room – they are not the best, but you can see that we painted, put up some wall appliques and new blinds and Jeremy also assembled our crib and changing table.

We also had our 24 week doctor’s appointment last week. We could tell that I finally got my full appetite back when the nurse reminded me to watch the sweets and carbs so I don’t gain too much weight. Oops! I can’t help it I have been craving ice cream/milkshakes and that McDonalds provides both! :) But everything checked out well and we are right on track for where we should be at this point. I had my belly measured for the first time and it measured as it should at 24 cm and the heart rate was in the 150’s. I also had to take my glucose test for gestational diabetes. I think they underestimate the foul taste of the glucose drink – either that or I shouldn’t have brushed my teeth right before taking it! But otherwise everything is going well so needless to say, we are just thrilled! Well, off to baptism class tonight!

Wall Appliques
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